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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why we have decided to adopt again...

Three years ago this past February we decided to adopt Maylin from Taiwan.  She has lived with us for almost two years and has truly been a blessing in the lives of everyone who knows her.  Then almost nine months ago our best friends made the decision that they were going to adopt from China.  We have been with them every step of the way and it has been amazing to watch them in their journey.  It has seemed so easy for them.  Yes, they have still had to fill out the endless paperwork and then there is the waiting, but they have not had people telling them "no, you can't do that" or "I don't know the answer to your question."  With Maylin we did not use an adoption agency as she was living with her grandparents.  Because of that fact, we did it all ourselves.  Trying to find answers to some of our questions was very difficult, but God directed us every step of the way even though sometimes it seemed  like the long way.  We have many, many testimonies from God that she was meant to be a part of our family.

So back to why we are adopting again, my friend Michelle suggested a website for me to check out just for fun.  After a few times looking at all of the waiting kids that just want a home, a family and just to be loved I felt God tugging at my heart that we needed to adopt again.  I talked to Richard about it and he said I was crazy.  Brian had just moved out, Destiny is getting ready to start her senior year and our babies are ten years old.  Why would I want to start over again.  I don't want to start over again because I don't want to do the baby thing again, but 3-5 years old would be just perfect.  So, I started praying that if this is not what God wants us to do then could He please take the desire out of my heart.  After about a week, Richard said okay lets do it.  This was about the end of February.  So I called our homestudy agency and had them send out the massive amount of paperwork that we had to fill out.  It seems like I remember saying after Maylin's adoption that I was so happy that I would never have to do all of that paperwork again.  Ha ha! 

This is when we started to see that God has had this planned for a while.  When Brian moved out against our wishes, we told him that he was going to support himself.  He had no job at that point, but he did have a free empty house to live in and he was ready to be on his own and not doing the week on, week off between his dad and me.  If we had continued to support Brian even though he was living on his own, we would not be doing this adoption.  I assume it is China's rule, but with our income we can only have four children living in our home that we are supporting.  

At this point in time, we have completed what seemed like endless paperwork, background checks and physical exams complete with TB tests for everyone.  I think the kids complained more this time getting the TB tests than last time, but they all survived!  This is where our next big blessing comes in.  When Maylin was in Taiwan and had her TB test done to come here, she had a reaction to which she had to get a chest x-ray that turned out negative.  Well this time we knew there was a possibilty it would happen again so we were praying about it.  48 hours after she had the test placed on her arm, we went back to pediatrician.  There was a small blister and the doctor had to look it up in one of medical books because she had never seen a positive reaction.  She measured the spot and it was 8 mm.  If it was 10 mm or bigger she would have had to have an x-ray, but it wasn't.  Praise God!  Her completed physical was the last thing we needed to complete our homestudy paperwork.  So the next day, April 21st we turned everything in to our agency.

We have completed our 10 hours of adoption parent training along with a home visit with the social worker and our homestudy report should be finished this next week.  Then we will have to wait for our immigration approval and then our paperwork (dossier) will be sent to China.  Last time it took us over six months to get approved by immigration, but that was because Maylin's adoption was so unique.  That was one of the most frustrating things that we dealt with.  This time we are hoping for 60-90 days.  I have only shared a couple of the many blessing that God has given us so far, but we continue to see Him guiding us every step of the way.  This has been a big leap of faith for our family because Maylin's adoption cost about a third of what this one will, but I know that He has a plan!

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