Adopting a child won't change the world, but for that child their world will change.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another update!!

We had asked for an update on Jayden over a month ago and it finally came today!  In April when our agency visited him his foster mom said he was behind in his speech.  He was only saying mama.  Well the update said he is saying all kinds of words now and loves to sing children's songs.  It also said again that he is such a sweet boy.

I think I counted four layers!

Between the update and spending so much time with Jesiah who has recently come from China, we are so anxious go get Jayden!!

Kaylee, Samantha, Jesiah and Eli

Jesiah likes Richard's whiskers!

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  1. I love these pictures!! Jayden is going to have such an amazing family to welcome him home!!! He looks bundled and ready for you to get him and bring him home!!!