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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Garage Sales and more...

Okay, so when it comes to blogging I need to be fired. After my last entry we started working on fundraising ideas and applying for grants. Plus with four kids going to two different schools, two girls playing volleyball with four practices a week, scouts, handmaidens, babysitting my niece and nephew and my transcription job, I've been a little busy. first idea for a fundraiser was lets have a garage sale. Of course those of you who know where we live know that we could not have a garage sale at our house. We live in Sibley on five acres surrounded by trees. Not the ideal location for any type of sale. We asked people to donate items they didn't want anymore and then asked Independence Branch Church if we could use their parking lot on August 20th. We were so blessed with so many amazing items. Once again God provided for us. We raised over $800 in about eight hours!

After our one day sale we still had so much stuff left that we decided to find another location to do it again. We had a family from our church volunteer their driveway and their garage the very next week for four days. Again, God blessed us so much even though I think a couple of the days were the hottest of summer. Rowena even cooked dinner for us one evening.

We then had two-day sale at Independence Branch in September and another two-day sale in October at a church in Buckner. After nine days of garage sales, I was DONE!! We raised around $3000 with junk that people did not want. I don't think I could ever say thank you enough.

The last fundraiser we did was a shared taco dinner our best friends, Nathan and Michelle. They are, at the time I am writing this, in China with their newly adopted son Jesiah

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