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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chinese New Year

The last three weeks have been the longest ever especially this past week.   Everything in China was shut down for Chinese New Year.   We have been waiting for our second to the last step of our incredibly long journey and it was only supposed to take two weeks, but because of CNY it will take a little over three weeks.   We are hoping for lots of exciting news in the next few weeks.

Saturday evening we went to a Chinese New Year celebration with Maylin's Ayi and other families who have adopted from or lived in China or Taiwan.   Maylin and the rest of the kids had a wonderful time and the food was FABULOUS!! We met lots of new people and learned more about Chinese culture.   I will post some pictures later.   We forgot to take our camera so I am hoping Maylin's Ayi will share some of her photos with me.

Stay tuned because we do have some exciting news to share very soon :)

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