Adopting a child won't change the world, but for that child their world will change.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Updated Jayden Photos!

We had a very nice surprise in our email this photos of Jayden!

Not sure why he is in the the pink coat, but he is still a cutie!!
He is 3 feet 2 inches tall and still weighs 35 pounds.  He has grown taller, but not gotten heavier.  Can't wait to meet him!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Silent Auction and Chili Cookoff

It has been a very crazy, busy couple of weeks finishing up the silent auction and basketball season coming to an end.  So, here is another update. Our I800 paperwork was overnighted this last week to USCIS and our officer received it on Friday, February 17th.  We are hoping it will be processed this week and after that everything is going to move extremely quickly.  Dusty's paperwork if all goes well should be caught up with Jayden's by the end of next week. 

When we filled out Dusty's visa application it asked for his English name, which we have not even discussed.  Jayden means "heard of God" and his middle name Matthew means "gift of God".  We wanted Dusty's name to have at some significance so we had a brainstorming session.  Riley, Destiny and Samantha all threw out names and none of them everyone liked until Riley said the name Seth.  We all kind of paused and agreed that we liked that one.  Then I looked up the meaning...Seth means "one who is annointed" which was perfect so unless Dusty hates the name that is what we will call him. 

Eli and Jesiah Sherer helping set up tables for the auction.
The silent auction/chili cook-off went very well.  We had over 100 items donated and sold most of them.  The auction items that did not sell, we will be posting on an online auction.  A very big thank you to all who donated or bought items.  Nathan Sherer was the chili winner so congratulations to him!  From the 25 families that attended we raised $1722. One more step closer to Jayden and Dusty!

We got so busy at the auction that the only pictures we took were while we were setting up.  Jesiah who just turned three years old was adopted from China in December of 2011 by our best friends Nathan and Michelle Sherer.  He helped us set up almost every table as well as most of the chairs.

Friday, February 10, 2012

We got L...O...A!!!!

We got our Letter of Acceptance for Dusty today!!!  It took 53 days to get Jayden's LOA and only 23 for Dusty's, but they did take a week off for Chinese New Year so it was actually only about two weeks.  We are so excited!!!  Everyone has been so supportive and that means so much to our family.  Please keep praying that things will continue to move quickly because I hate the fact that Jayden's paperwork is on hold, but this was God's Plan :)  I had someone else share a confirmation with me last night at our church women's meeting.  We serve such an awesome, amazing God!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The prompting of the Lord

So things are moving along very quickly because Dusty's adoption is being expedited.  As soon as his paperwork catches up to Jayden's which should be in the next few weeks, China will issue Travel Approval for both boys super fast which will be such a blessing.  Jayden's paperwork is is on hold for the time being.  We just sent Dusty's application to USCIS today so it will be waiting on our officer's desk.  It is missing one document, Letter of Acceptance also known as LOA.  Our adoption agency should have it any day and as soon as they receive it, they will email us a scanned copy which we will print, sign, scan and email back to them.  They will then send it to our officer who will have our file sitting on her desk and she will then approve our I800 application for Dusty.  I am just so amazed at how fast this can be done for the older kids. 

I did want to share another confirming testimony that I received today about Dusty.  One of the families we have met through adoption is the Padgetts.  Jennifer has helped with some fundraising ideas and I know has been praying for us as well.  Back at the end of December she posted on Facebook this itty-bitty picture of a boy who was about to age out named Ian.  She was encouraging someone to come forward and adopt him.  I told her we would in a heartbeat, but we were still raising money for Jayden. I did NOT read Ian's description or enlarge the picture so I could see it better.  When I told her about Dusty, she said,

"He isn't the boy I had posted from Holt is he?   Funny I felt the Lord's prompting to contact you." 

I told her no because Dusty had been with Great Wall Adoption Agency and I thought Ian was with Holt where she adopted her last baby girl from.  Today, I figured out that Dusty was Ian.  Holt had changed his name for their listing.  All I can say is WOW, God is awesome!! I will share another video of Dusty playing the guitar. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Courage to Persevere

A brand new Christian music artist has been gracious enough to allow us to sell her new CD and  100% of the purchase price will go to fund our adoption.  It is called Courage To Persevere...The  beginning of Understanding by Andrea Caiani. 

If you go to the link below you can listen to one of the songs. 

The price is $20 and you can pay through the PayPal button on the right of your screen or you can mail payment to  

Richard or Stacey Sanders
29204 E. Hunter Rd.
Sibley, Missouri 64088

A very big thank you to Andrea!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So....the exciting news we want to share is when we go to China we will be getting TWINS!  No not really, but we will be getting two sons.  No the Sanders family has not totally lost their minds.  We have just been prompted by God so we will listen. 

This is kind of a long story, but the purpose of this blog is not only to share our journey with friends and family, but as a journal for our boys.  For several months I have just had this feeling that when we went to China we would be bring two kids home.  Our homestudy and USCIS approved us for two children.  Every time I picture being in China there was just always two, but this was sooo not our plan, but as I am learning my plan is not always God's plan.  Okay, the long story...when we decided back at the end of February of last year to adopt again I started researching adoption agencies.  When we adopted Maylin we did not have to use an agency so this was new territory for us.  I emailed three agencies to ask a few questions and one got back to me within a few hours so we decided to go with them.   One of the agencies we did not choose has continued to send me emails every so often of kids they are highlighting that need to be adopted.  99% of the time I would read through the email and then delete it, but on Thanksgiving day I received one of these emails and was moved by what I read.  Here is the photo and the description of "Dusty" that was in the email.

Dusty is 13 years old. He is a healthy older child. Dusty hopes he can go to college to become a computer programmer and design games. He does well in school and has learned some English. He never gets in trouble, and he studies hard. He is an excellent artist and can do traditional Chinese painting. He also loves to play guitar. Dusty is good friends with Lucky and Ned. They hope they all will be able to be adopted and remain close.

Now...does he not sound like a great kid???  I sent an email to the agency and then told Richard :)  He was almost as excited as I was.  He even told some of our family at Thanksgiving that we had inquired about an older child.  We had to wait through the holiday weekend to hear anything, but we were told that Dusty was being considered by a few other families and she would put us on a waiting list.  The China coordinator then said they could not transfer his file to our current agency since he was one of their kiddos.  We were sad, but thankful that Dusty was getting a family. 

So now fast forward about seven weeks, January 12th or 13th.  I spent a few hours on the computer reading some adoption forums and even joined a couple of Yahoo groups for adoptive families.  One was for families who had kids from Jiangxi which is Jayden's province and the other one was a waiting child advocate group.  I had to wait to get an email that I was approved before I could log into either group.  Then I "happened" to go to a website called Rainbow Kids which has photolistings of available children.  I had not been on this website in many months...pretty much since we had locked in Jayden's file back in August.  Guess who was on the first page of photolistings??  I really could not believe it.  I called Richard and contacted the agency that had his file back in November.  I checked my email several times over the next few days waiting for an answer from the agency about Dusty.  In the meantime, Sunday the 15th, I was approved access to the Yahoo waiting child advocate group so I logged in to check it out.  There is a photolisting file titled "URGENT! Aging Out!"  I clicked on it and guess who was listed there...Dusty.  I yelled at Richard to come and look who I had found.  We seriously could not believe it.  I then emailed the contact on photolisting who almost immediately sent me Dusty's file, pictures and even a video of him playing the guitar that had been taken that weekend.  All of this meant that Dusty was back on the shared list and could be adopted through ANY agency.  Also his orphanage fee which is around $5000 had been waived.  Can we say God knew this was going to happen and that is why it did not work out for us back in November?!? 

I guess I should stop and explain that when an orphan in China turns 14 years old they are unable to be adopted.  Dusty's birthday is April 27th and if he is not adopted by that date he will not have a family. 

We went to the video link of Dusty playing the guitar and I cried...alot...

Reading through the rest of his file it stated that he likes to play basketball and really likes sports.  Any of you who know our family really well know that in the fall I am the volleyball mom, winter the basketball mom and in the spring the soccer mom.  Our kids love to play sports.  Dusty is also number one in his class and actually scored higher on his report card in English than he did Chinese.  He also said that he likes animals...we have seven cats and two dogs...of course he did say he was afraid of snakes so I guess we won't take him to Brian's (older brother) house since he has two corn snakes.  His information also said he is very careful with younger children and likes helping them.  His caretaker said he is friendly, extroverted, not easily angered or bossy toward others and that he studies hard.  Dusty did state that he wants siblings.  I think we got that one covered :)

After talking to the rest of the kids, we ALL decided he was a perfect fit for our family.  On Monday morning I called our agency and had his file locked in.  China has given us approval to adopt Dusty as well as our homestudy agency and our adoption agency.  Although it has taken us almost a year to complete Jayden's adoption, because Dusty is about to age out, both governments will expedite everything to get him adopted into a family.   We are currently waiting for our Letter of Acceptance from China which we should be getting within the next week.  This step took 53 days to complete for Jayden.  It is so amazing to me how fast they can get things done for these older kids.  If all goes right, we will still be traveling in March to pick up both boys. 

We still are praying mightily about the financial aspect of all of this, but God has given me a peace just like He did with Maylin's adoption that everything will work out. Dusty's fees will be less than half of Jayden's adoption fees and we will be able to travel and get them both at the same time so that will save alot. God has provided every dollar just at the right time for Jayden and I KNOW he will do the same for Dusty.