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Monday, February 20, 2012

Silent Auction and Chili Cookoff

It has been a very crazy, busy couple of weeks finishing up the silent auction and basketball season coming to an end.  So, here is another update. Our I800 paperwork was overnighted this last week to USCIS and our officer received it on Friday, February 17th.  We are hoping it will be processed this week and after that everything is going to move extremely quickly.  Dusty's paperwork if all goes well should be caught up with Jayden's by the end of next week. 

When we filled out Dusty's visa application it asked for his English name, which we have not even discussed.  Jayden means "heard of God" and his middle name Matthew means "gift of God".  We wanted Dusty's name to have at some significance so we had a brainstorming session.  Riley, Destiny and Samantha all threw out names and none of them everyone liked until Riley said the name Seth.  We all kind of paused and agreed that we liked that one.  Then I looked up the meaning...Seth means "one who is annointed" which was perfect so unless Dusty hates the name that is what we will call him. 

Eli and Jesiah Sherer helping set up tables for the auction.
The silent auction/chili cook-off went very well.  We had over 100 items donated and sold most of them.  The auction items that did not sell, we will be posting on an online auction.  A very big thank you to all who donated or bought items.  Nathan Sherer was the chili winner so congratulations to him!  From the 25 families that attended we raised $1722. One more step closer to Jayden and Dusty!

We got so busy at the auction that the only pictures we took were while we were setting up.  Jesiah who just turned three years old was adopted from China in December of 2011 by our best friends Nathan and Michelle Sherer.  He helped us set up almost every table as well as most of the chairs.

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  1. I'm so glad the cookoff went so well! I was also very excited to see Dusty's name - I think it's a great name and totally suits him!! I was wondering about the name issue today so was happy that I read your blog :)