Adopting a child won't change the world, but for that child their world will change.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our awesome agency!!

I need to give lots of credit to our adoption agency, A.A.C. Adoption and Family Network in Colorado.  They have done a phenomenal job with both adoptions.  Their China coordinator, Judy, has gotten us three updates on Jayden with photos and the last one was a complete surprise.  I asked her this week when Jayden would be taken back to the orphanage which is a standard practice and she asked us if we wanted him to be placed back in the orphanage or left with his foster family.  What a special blessing for Jayden.  He will only have to go through one major disruption of his little life instead of two.  

Judy has talked to Seth (Dusty) on the phone I believe four times in the last six weeks.  I sent her an email and asked her if he had been told about us and she said,

"Yes, the orphanage staff told him about your family, I talked to him twice, one was before Chinese New Year right after Nicole talked with your family ,the other was last Thursday the 9th of February.
The first time when I talked to him, he was not 100% sure about be adoption, the staff said he knew there were 2 families checked with orphanage ahead, and took many photos and questions, but that was it, he felt quite disappoint .

Last week when I talked to him, he was very happy to know your family is there waitting for him, and be adoption is coming to true, he is getting exciting for adoption , for joining new family, we told him that you coming for two boys, and he is working hard on study English now.

And I mentioned Skype between him and your family.

Dusty was not sure about it, I gave him my cell phone No. Told him take time to think about it, and just let orphanage staff know when he feel ready to Skype with you."
She also talked to him this past Monday on the 27th of February and this is what she said,
"I talked to Dusty this Monday,
He is getting more exciting go to the state.
And he start writing the letter to you.
I will talk with him this Saturday, I will let him know about his friends:)"
I had shared with her that we were trying very hard to find families in our area to adopt his two friends.  I thought it might help him to know that there was a possibility they would still be together and as of today his buddy Ned has a family adopting him that lives about 20 minutes away and Lucky has some families that are inquiring about him one of which lives an hour away.  What an amazing testimony to these boys of how much God loves them that he was able to take all three of them from China where they were born thousands of miles away and put them with loving families that live close to each other.
Today, I received this email from Judy after asking her if Jayden (JiaJian) had been told about us and if we should send some photos to him. 
"Nanchang orphanage staff, Ms.Li said Jiajian was told about adoption, and Wendy sent your family photos to JiaJian at the same time we sent it to ZhangYun, Ms. Li printed
those photos and gave to the foster family to let JiaJian has it already,
and ZhangYun is ready for Skype:)"

Seth is now ready to Skype with us.  What wonderful news!  I must say that I am nervous, but excited at the same time.  Richard and the kids are just excited  We are hoping to get it set up for this weekend. 


  1. God IS good! I am sure those boys will realize it - if not now, it won't be long.

  2. I'm so excited that you have had so much contact between your agency and your sons!!! It's becoming so real now, I can't even imagine how exciting the Skype call will be - I wish I could eavesdrop :) I'm just SO EXCITED!!!

  3. Go Judy! This is all such exciting news, Stacey! I can't wait to hear about your skyping and I am so thrilled for all of these families and all of the boys- God is AMAZING...only He could make this happen! :)