Adopting a child won't change the world, but for that child their world will change.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chengdu day 4 & 5

It is Saturday night here in Chengdu...our last night before we travel to Guangzhou.  So far Chengdu has been my favorite city.  The Sunshine Tianfu hotel has not been my favorite.  We got spoiled in Nanchang staying on the Executive floor at the Galactic Peace.  The room was huge, the bathroom spectacular and their buffet was fabulous!  Outside the hotel in Chengdu there are lots of good places to walk for food and/or shopping.  Nanchang there was not.

Hotel lobby in Chengdu

Yesterday, we finished up Seth's paperwork.  We received his adoption certificate so it is official as far as China is concerned.

Our guide also took us to a beautiful park called the People's Park.  We did not have our camera with us which was a disappointment as there were so many wonderful things in the park we could have photographed.  After the park, our guide/translator left us and we were on our own.  She had another family coming into town so we will have another guide take us to the airport and make sure we get on the plane with both boys.  At this point, we do not have Jayden's passport.  It was supposed to be sent here to our hotel, but so far has not made it.  In Nanchang, security almost did not allow Jayden on the plane because we did not have a passport.  

We have figured out some communication through Google Translate and Baidu with Seth.  He asked us last night what our plans were for today and we did not really have any.  He asked if we could go to a Contemporary Art Museum here in Chengdu.  He wanted to meet his girlfriend there.  We said we would arrange it.  Through Baidu Seth told us he has been dating this girl for three years!  They are not quite 14 years old and that is such a long time.  We were able to meet her today and she is a very beautiful, nice girl.  

We told Seth that we had arranged for a car to take us to the art museum, we could stay for three hours and then the car would bring us back.  He then asked if he could stay longer and just take a taxi back to the hotel.  We agreed so he spent most of the afternoon with her.  I feel sad for both of them.  She told me she loved us and that Seth is lucky.  

After +we left Seth and Li, we came back to the hotel and then walked to McDonald's for lunch.  Jayden threw a fit when we asked him to eat one bite of a cheeseburger before he ate any fries.  Now...his fits are not the yelling, screaming, throw yourself on the floor kind of fits.  They are the pout until you will hopefully give in to me kind.  He even manages to squeeze out a tear and sometimes a bit of a runny nose which I have yet to figure out how he can do that without crying or even making a sound.  Needless to say...Jayden did not have any McDonald's today.  We went shopping at a store next door which is kind of a like a Chinese Walmart with groceries, clothes and household items.  It is hard sometimes figuring out what you want to buy since everything is in Chinese.  We did manage to buy wet wipes, fingernail clippers and some snacks for Jayden, chopsticks and packaged chicken feet for a couple of friends at home :)  

Jayden is doing very well.  He has bonded so incredibly fast and loves to learn.  He is always checking everything out.  His special need was supposed to be delayed speech.  Hmm...I don't think so.  This boy is smart and he is always talking except when he is pouting :)  The translator told us he is talking very well in Chinese and can count to 17.  We have been talking about body parts i.e. nose, mouth ears.  Today while I was washing his fingers off he looked and me and pointed to his mouth and very plainly said mouth.  He is already saying close to ten words.  His favorite is "Let's go!"  

Our driver and guide will be here at 9:30 in the morning to take us to the airport.  Seth's girlfriend is coming to the hotel at 8:00 a.m. to bring him "something".  He packed all of his things this evening so he can spend the last hour and a half with her.  Our flight leaves at noon and it is four hours from Chengdu to Guangzhou.  Monday we have medical exams and TB tests for both of the boys.  Wednesday the TB tests will be read, Thursday is our embassy appointment and then Friday we will get their visas.  We will then be on the train to Hong Kong and then Saturday, the 21st at 11:50 a.m. we will FINALLY be on a plane for home.  

Just as a quick side note...our hotel telephone rang just a few minutes ago and Richard answered it.   The man only spoke Chinese so Seth came over to figure out who it was.  After a ten-minute conversation where he smiled and laughed...quite a lot, he got off the phone and said the longest English sentence so far...My brother who gave me the computer  (he has his own laptop).  He is 32.  It was wonderful to hear :)


  1. :) So glad he got to spend some time with her at the art show. I'm glad you MADE it to the art show! Continuing to pray that Jayden's passport shows up. We love you guys and are anxious for you to get to Guangzhou. You will really enjoy it there too!

  2. Guangzhou is so nice and it always feels so very good to get there. Praying for a safe trip and for that passport to arrive. Angie

  3. Glad to hear Seth is doing well now too. Ummm, but Seth has a brother??!!

  4. Great entry!! Love this post and the pictures :) Seth seems to be handling things so absolutely maturely - what a gift both of your newest sons are!