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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Consulate Day

Today we had our appointment at the U.S. Consulate.   For some reason, we thought because we had used an agency this time everything would go smoothly because they process adoptions all of the time...WRONG!!!!  Most of you do not know this, but when we adopted our daughter Maylin from Taiwan we did not use an agency.  When we had her consulate appointment they told us they were not sure they would issue her visa because her birth parents had not signed away their rights.  We had 24 hours to produce a document stating this fact.  Long story short...God was with us and after hours of searching through documents at the police station with Maylin's Ayi who was acting as our translator she found something that would work and we were allowed to bring her home.

Well...Jayden's paperwork was fine and they will issue his visa tomorrow.  Seth's was a different story.  There has been issues with some orphanages not being ethical by saying that kids are younger than they actually are or adopting kids out that really have families.  Because of this, our consulate is being extra careful.  We know this is not the case with Seth.  His orphanage truly cares about finding orphans families.  They have even went so far as to waive the $5600 orphanage fee for any child six years old and up.  They are not in this for the money.  They love the children and believe they all deserve to have families.  The director and her staff told us this while we were there.

Our consulate wants a copy of Seth's father's death certificate before they will issue his visa.  The Chengdu Orphanage had it on a plane this afternoon within a few hours of requesting it.  I am sure thankful that we had decided yesterday not to take the train to Hong Kong and just stay in Guangzhou Friday night and then hire a van driver to take us to the Hong Kong Airport early Saturday morning.

Please pray that there will be no more hiccups, that I will find my cell phone at the HK Airport and that our flight home goes smoothly with Jayden.  Less than 48 hours to go.  I miss my kids, my family, my American food and my washing machine :)

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