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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 4 in Guangzhou

Wednesday, April 18th in Guangzhou was a very quiet day.  The boys went and had their TB tests read.  You could not even see a mark on Jayden's arm, but Seth's was a bit red and irritated.  It was still read as negative though.  We came back to the hotel and just took it easy.  Jayden took a nap.  An hour afternoon nap was part of his schedule.  The problem is if he takes a short nap then he doesn't want to go to bed until 10:00 and by then mom and dad are super tired so we are foregoing the naps for now.

The next three pictures would be Jayden having one of his very long pouty fits. Papa asked him not to turn of the TV and this was how he looked for the next 30 minutes.  

Since it was pouring down rain we also took him back to the playroom to play.  He had a great time playing with his papa.

After four times of putting the rings on Papa would say which color was
 next and he would get the right one.

Giving papa five :)

Seth is doing fine.  He really is a typical teenager...wants to stay up late playing video games and talk to his friends.  Then because he has stayed up until midnight he does not want to get up for breakfast so we let him sleep in and I bring him something to eat.  As soon as we get home that will definitely change.  

The view from our hotel of the rain moving in.



  1. Bummer about all the rain! It rained a lot when we were in Bogota with our kids. That was NOT fun being trapped in a hotel with 4 kids...
    Let us know when you're coming home as soon as you know!

  2. Hi, Stacey!
    Hope it all is getting worked out at the Consulate. Good luck on the flight home; our thoughts will be with you! Just wondering when you said Seth was talking to his he still in contact with Lucky and Ned?