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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Finally to Guangzhou!

I know that some of you knew that Jayden's passport was supposed to be mailed to our hotel in Guangzhou and we had not received it.  It literally came at the last possible minute.  We left the hotel in Chengdu and went to the airport.  We were almost to the airport when our guide received a phone call that it had been delivered to the hotel so they were sending it via taxi to the us.  We were in line getting our tickets and the guide was waiting outside the airport for the taxi.  We had problems getting Jayden on the flight from Nanchang to Chengdu and we did not want to run into that again.  

Guangzhou Airport

We made it to Guangzhou, but Jayden did have an hour long fit on the plane.  He is not impressed with wearing a seatbelt.  It started with pouting and then went into our first full-fledged crying fit.  Other that that our flight was good.  We are staying at the Victory Hotel and I must say we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE staying on the island.  It is so beautiful and so much more our speed.  We got in about 4:00, settled into the hotel and then went in search of dinner.  We did get a stroller which we all are thankful for.  Jayden wants to be carried, but he is so solid and all of us have sore muscles from toting him around.  We had dinner at Lucy's. Richard, Jayden and I had a cheeseburger and fries and Seth had Kung Pau Chicken.  It felt almost like home with the American music playing and western food.  



  1. Told you that you would love it :)! So glad you on your last leg! Love you guy! (P.S. Was it a REAL fit like Kaylee used to throw? If so, I feel extra sorry for you. Welcome to the "fours" again!)

  2. Thrilled that you received the passport! Please go to Judy's store--it is on a side street. Tell her the Padgetts (from Maine) love her!

  3. So glade you made it to Guangzhou! I always love Shamian Island after the hectic city life in China :)