Adopting a child won't change the world, but for that child their world will change.

Monday, April 30, 2012

One week home with Jayden

We have been home a little over week.  As you can see from the following pictures Jayden is doing great.  He loves playing with my niece who I watch M-W.  He loves his older siblings and is even learning to love the pets.  When we first came home he would scream this blood-curdling scream anytime one of the dogs or cats would come near.  We have two dogs and four cats.  A couple of days ago when he woke up from his nap I found him laying down with one of the cats snuggled up next to him and Jayden was petting him.  What a difference a week can make.   

The first several nights were rough trying to get Jayden to sleep at night.  He would stay awake during the day, but at night would just not get into a deep sleep until about 3:00 a.m.  On day three papa decided he needed to try sleeping in his bed, in his room with the other two boys.  Jayden screamed like we had never heard.  While we were in China, he was sleeping in his own bed and putting himself to sleep so we a little surprised at this reaction.  After several minutes of this, Jayden started sucking on his thumb which we had never seen.  My big, strong husband scooped him up and Jayden has been sleeping in our room since then, but NOT in our bed. The next few nights we held his hand while he went to sleep, but now he crawls under the covers and goes to sleep on his own.  In a few weeks, I hope to transition him to his bed in his room.

Jayden will eat anything you put in front of him, but he always goes for the vegetables or fruit first unlike my kids who go for the junk first and can this kid eat.  If it is something he likes, he eats more than most of the other kids!

He also is quite the little helper.  Whatever I am doing he wants me to figure out a way that he can help me.  He can put the silverware away out of the dishwasher and filled water bottles in the refrigerator.  Yesterday he went with me to the store to get a few groceries.  We came home and we went upstairs without unloading the groceries.  We got to the top of the stairs and he was pointing downstairs very insistently.  He knew we had not brought any bags up and he wanted to help.  So, we went back down and he carried up his own bag.  I know this probably won't last, but I will take whatever help I can :)

As you can see though he can still pout like a champion.  His fits are getting much shorter though which is great.  If you look real close you can even see the snot.  It is unbelievable that he can squeeze out tears and make his nose run without actively crying.  Maybe he will be an actor!


  1. That is one sad little face at the bottom. What a killer pout he has! Still adorable though! How is Seth?

  2. I am not sure how that got posted because I was not finished with it, but now it is done.

  3. :-) Gotta love technology!! Thanks for the update. I am glad that your little guy is starting to transition and navigate this new forever home. Angie