Adopting a child won't change the world, but for that child their world will change.

Monday, April 9, 2012

He is officially ours!

Today the plan was to meet our facilitator, Shirley, at 11:00 a.m. so she could take us shopping, have lunch and then do all of the adoption paperwork.  Just before we went down to the hotel lobby to meet her, we looked out the window and this is what we saw...

There is a very large school about a block over from the hotel and the kids were out exercising :)

Nanchang is known for its porcelain so Shirley took us to a porcelain shop. There were so many beautiful things.  Jayden was actually interested for about two minutes haha!!  We had lunch at McDonald's.  I taught Jayden about dipping french fries in ketchup.  After that he did not want to share the ketchup. 

Jayden says don't touch my ketchup!

Our facilitator Shirley 

We went to the Civil Affairs office and finalized the adoption, then the notary and the police station.  Jayden's adoption was expedited so we could get to Chengdu to adopt Seth.  We met a group of nine families today from Spain and one family from Canada who all got very young babies...less than seven monhts old.  They had been waiting on average six years for these healthy, beautiful little ones.  One of the dad's asked us where our little baby was and Richard explained that Jayden was the one we were adopting.  He got a very surprised look on his face and then told us he thought we were there to get a baby and Jayden was previously adopted because he looked so well-bonded already.  God is blessing us all immensely.

It is official!!

Tomorrow morning we will be catching a plane to Chengdu which is about an hour and a half flight.  It should be an adventure.  Jayden is a very curious little boy and even just riding in the car he constantly checking everything out.


  1. Happy day!! I love that people are surprised that he hasn't been with you longer :) Sounds like a great start!

  2. Wonderful news! What a cutie pie!! Safe travels to Chengdu! We are all following with anticipation...Angie

  3. He looks so happy, as you all do! I will be praying for the flight to go quickly!

  4. It's been so fun to follow things "on this end". Prayers for the plane ride, as I know it's the beginning of your many adventures with both boys. We love you guys and are so thankful we have gotten to talk so often. It was so need to see Jayden and Jesiah interact :). Praying for Jayden's continued adjustment and Seth's adjustment as well. Remember, God has this :).

  5. Hi, Stacey, I'm writing this at 330pm Monday, so I figure you guys are almost about to get up and head to Chengdu if you're not already on your way. I am so excited and nervous, I feel as if it's me getting ready to meet Lucky! I so hope you get to meet Lucky and Ned and tell me and Anne about our boys! I'm praying that all goes well with Seth and continues to go well with Jayden.

  6. Ditto Debbie :). Hope all is going well. Been praying for you guys!