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Friday, May 25, 2012

Taco Dinner Fundraiser for Ned!!

Saturday evening we went to a Taco Dinner that was a fundraiser to help bring Ned (Zane) home.  I talked about it all week to Seth and explained that he would meet Zane's family and that I thought it would be great to take a picture with them to which he agreed.  Now...Seth has tried taco salad twice and does NOT like it at all.  I told him we would take him to McDonald's and get him a chicken sandwich to which he seemed very happy about.  I did ask him to try one of the desserts as they had many different kinds to choose from.  He chose a small piece of cherry cheesecake.  I asked him if he liked it and he shook his head earnestly no.  I think his do not like list is growing much faster than his like list :( 
I was joking with him about trying one of the desserts.  I had told him there was NO chocolate.

Lucky's soon to be mom, dad and older sister

Right to left Lucky's parents and older brother, then Ned's Dad and Mom

Seth did go out and play keep away with Zane's soon to be older brother Oscar and our other two sons Riley and Brian.  He seemed to really have a good time with that.

Then we asked him to take a break so we could get pictures with Zane's family and also Lucky's family made the long hour and a half drive to meet Seth so we got pictures with them as well. 

Lucky's Family and Seth

Ned's Family and Seth 

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  1. Great idea to get pictures with both of the other families! :)