Adopting a child won't change the world, but for that child their world will change.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Three weeks home

We have now been home for three weeks and again I will say what a difference a little bit of time makes.  We have chosen to give Seth time to adjust and only insist on a couple of things first off.  He eats dinner with us every night and goes to church to which he has been doing faithfully.  He continues to see his English tutor three times a week for a couple hours each day and is making huge strides thanks to his great teacher :)  One of things his tutor has required of him as part of his homework is interacting with his siblings.  This past Friday evening, with alot of coaxing Seth went outside and played basketball with Samantha and Riley.  Since then he has been out playing with them three times.  He also played his guitar for his tutor and me.  All I can say is WOW!!  He is so talented and now is starting to learn piano.  He told me the piano is his favorite instrument so I guess we will be keeping our eyes open for one. 

We can see him starting to relax and make an effort to be a part of the family even if it is only for a little bit each day, but it is more and more each day.   

On Monday, Seth will be going to school.  He is going to observe for the next four days and hopefully make a few friends.  In his class alone there are two other adopted from China and one from Mexico.   

I must also say this Seth is an awesome basketball player as are Samantha and Riley.

Maylin is not a basketball player, but she loves to draw and paint :)

We also went to see grandma and grandpa last night and Jayden got his first tractor.  After we came home when it was dinnertime, he made sure that tractor was right next to him while he ate his spaghetti.  


  1. So glad Seth is giving school a try. It will be good for him :).

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  3. I love that Seth is coming around even if slowly. Those milestones must be so rewarding. I'm also amazed that his class will have such a high ratio of kids he'll be able to relate to. Seth seemed to me that he was destined for greatness and this is the next step on that journey :)

  4. I'm so happy to see Seth beginning to adjust to his new home. I think that he is going to be just fine. Jayden is a cutie and looks like he is adjusting quite well. Love to your whole family. Tom Valentine (Maile & Allen's Uncle)

  5. Glad to see Seth continues to adjust well and feels comfortable enough to try school. We'll have to get together sometime before we leave for China...James (our son) loves basketball and Jazmin (our 9-year old) also loves to paint and draw; her and Maylin would have a lot of fun together!