Adopting a child won't change the world, but for that child their world will change.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Week Four

First I will just share a couple of cute shots of Jayden.  He found one my shirts and was putting it on.  He was having a good time :)

Jayden just continues to do amazingly well.  He is sleeping good, eating good and just enjoying life.  There was one good/bad thing that happened this week.  I helped with a garage sale fundraiser for Ned's family (Zane) on Friday and Saturday.  Jayden was riding bikes with several other kids and I needed to go with Richard down the street to help him load a desk we bought.  He did not want to leave so I asked him if he wanted to stay with the kids or go with dad and me.  He said stay.  Now if there is one word this kid knows it is "go".  It was the first word he learned in China.  I said okay he could stay with the other kids.  Just as soon as we started to walk away he burst into tears and was all out crying.  Jayden has only cried like that maybe three times since we have been home from China.  Two of them he was hurt and the third he was so mad.  Most of the time he does this silent pouting thing with tears and a runny nose.  Of course I immediately scooped him up and he snuggled right up tight.  I was sad, but excited because he has bonded so well.  In China we saw his Ayi's from the orphanage twice after we had "Gotcha Day" and he didn't once act like he wanted to go with them. 

On to Seth...

He went to school Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of last week.  Monday I went to pick him up at 1:00 so he could go to English tutoring.  He got in the van, slumped down in the seat and said "i-yiyi-yiyi".  He said everyone talked too fast, but he did understand some of what heard.  He was invited by one of the boys to play basketball on a summer league at the school.  Seth said he would think about it. 

Wednesday he stayed all day so he was able to observe a math class which he said was "easy".  I reminded him that he was there just to watch and listen.  To see how much English he does know and how much he needs to work on.  By Thursday he seemed to have connected some with one of his classmates who is also adopted from Mexico and he said he was willing to play basketball on the school summer league which starts on June 7th.

Seth has played basketball outside several times and even shown Riley how to do several card magic tricks.  The two of them are starting to bond ever so slowly.   


  1. We enjoyed getting to meet Seth on Saturday. I'm so glad he came (and didn't complain about all the American weirdos wanting to take pictures with him)!

  2. It's so great to see the boys doing so well! I'm glad Seth is having these breakthroughs, it sounds like you are approaching handling his transition at just the right pace!