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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week five

We took Seth and Jayden to my parents home which is next door to us to explore the farm.  Jayden loved, loved, loved the tractor.  We spent at least 15 minutes in the tractor and after he had seen all of the animals he wanted to go back to see tractor.  

 He liked the horses, but would not pet them yet :)

Seth was not at all interested in the tractor which kind of surprised me.  He had much more fun checking out the frogs around the pond and then feeding the fish.

Jayden also loved throwing food in for the baby catfish, but when he dropped on the ground he made sure he picked it up and threw it in the water.  

I am not sure why he was frowning in this picture because he really did enjoy the baby chicks,
but this was the only shot of him petting one. 

Week five ended up being a rough one for Seth.  His tutor took the week off due to her mom being in town so he had no reason to go out of the house.  He was really depressed and slept alot.  He seemed to close himself off to us for several days.  Finally after several days of this he agreed to go fishing with Riley.  This was his first time and he caught 13 fish!!  After that day his mood seemed to pick up some.  I reminded him that he will have good days and bad days, but sleeping all of the time was not going to make him feel better.       

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