Adopting a child won't change the world, but for that child their world will change.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Four months

It has been four months since Seth and Jayden became a part of the Sanders family.  I can't say enough how blessed we are to be their parents.  Jayden feels like he has always been a part of our family.  He tattles on the big kids when they tease him.  He goes on and on trying so hard to tell you his story.  Usually there are one or two English words you can understand and the rest is baby talk because he is so excited about what he wants to say.  He wants so bad to communicate with us. He started sleeping in his own room a couple of weeks ago and is doing great.  He always comes down with a huge smile on his face like he knows he is so big for sleeping in his big boy bed.  

Seth also continues to make incredible strides.  He and Riley love to tease each other and we very often hear them tickling and wrestling upstairs. He is quite ornery we are finding which totally fits in to our family.  His daddy is always teasing someone :)

The next four photos are from this past Saturday.  We met Zane's family and had Chinese for lunch.  I wish we would have taken more pictures, but we were enjoying visiting with Zane's parents so much we forgot.  In this second photo, Seth is sitting by his older brother Brian and Zane is sitting by his older brother Oscar.  

Seth was trying to avoid dad taking his picture.

He does like ice cream, but it has to be chocolate.  

Seth's coveted chicken feet.  Thank you so much to Zane's family for bringing several packages of these back for Seth.  He loves them!!!

Seth's Chengdu mom sent a care package to him.  He received a Rubix cube and an algebra book.  He loves to do math in his free time.  Crazy right?!  That is why he is so smart.   


  1. Zane carried that package in his backpack (carry-on) with nothing else in it all the way from Chengdu. He didn't tell us what it was until we went to lunch with you that day, we just knew that it was something he considered to be very important.
    Zane also brought a lot of books with him. He has a notebook that he writes his Chinese characters in. Soooo unlike our other kids when we brought them home!

  2. Stacey,
    I showed NingNing the pictures and he laughed. He's not been on QQ the last few nights, so I wondered if he's been in contact with the boys?
    Glad you posted about Riley and Seth tickling and wrestling; James and NingNing are doing that too so it seems it's what brothers do, though I'm still getting used to it!
    NingNing still keeps saying he is so stupid; that the teachers gave up on him early on. I hope we can make him believe otherwise, because we've seen lots of evidence to the contrary!

  3. So great to see this followup on all of the boys!!