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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

State Fair

The Missouri State Fair is always in August and usually the week before school starts.  Our oldest son Brian and his wife were going and asked us several times if we would like to go.  I asked Samantha, Riley and Maylin if they wanted to go and they said..."not really".  Then we planned to go to lunch with  Zane (SongSong) and his family so we decided lunch was more important and the kids didn't really want to go anyway.  Well...that morning Brian asked again, so Richard and I decided we would take Jayden since he LOVES the tractors and the animals.  So, we drove the two hours to Sedalia and let me just say, Jayden had a fabulous time being with Brian and Milana. We also took him to the rodeo and I believe his favorite event was the barrel racing.  He kept saying "more, more!"

Jayden loves, loves his stroller.  He is a bit big for it, but it was $5 at a garage sale
and you can't beat that :)

Sitting in a fire truck.  I think the steering wheel was as wide as he is tall 

Jayden and his oldest brother, Brian.

At first he would not touch the deer, but after Brian showed him it was
okay, he decided it was fun to the pet the animals.  

Papa and Jayden feeding the goats.

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