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Monday, October 15, 2012

Another Update

I am way behind on blogging, but life at the Sanders home has been quite busy.  Samantha has been on two volleyball teams and Seth has been playing soccer which means practice four nights a week.  Then...I am on the road some days three hours taking kids to and from school.  Seth is only going to school half days and then the other half he is homeschooling.  It has made my lift a bit crazy, but it is only for a year and totally worth it because he is doing great.  We just had parent teacher conference today and we got great reports.  He has straight A's except for one class.  This is amazing because Seth is attending a private Christian school.  He is in the mainstream classes and getting these grades.  He does get some help with the word problems in Algebra II understanding the English words, but everything else he is doing on his own.  We are very proud how hard he has worked and the progress he has made. 

I am sharing pictures from a cookout that we had Jaxon's (Lucky) family not quite a month ago.  Seth went and spent the weekend with Jaxon which he enjoyed alot and then they came for lunch.  The two boys together are very ornery...lots of teasing and playing tricks on each other.   

Jaxon burned his hot dog and when his dad told him he cooked it so he had to eat it, he spent at least ten minutes scraping the burnt part off.  

Seth burnt his too so guess what...he was scraping the black off of his as well.

Our sweet boy Jayden

Jaxon's Dad, Mom and sister.  Seth's two sisters Maylin and Sami.

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  1. Love these latest posts! So great seeing everyone together :)