Adopting a child won't change the world, but for that child their world will change.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Halloween 2012

The kids went to Trunk or Treat at a local church.  Jayden was not sure what he thought about getting dressed up, but after getting candy from 2-3 people he had it figured out and had a great time.  We teased Seth that he should dress up and he said "no way".  Then I told him he go as a Chinese boy named ZhangYun.  He loved that idea and when someone asked him what he was dressed as he would say "a Chinese boy".  

Tow Mater.  Jayden loves anything with wheels.

Maylin as Mulan her favorite Disney Princess.

Eli dressed as a dragon.  He is our best friends little guy. 

Kaylee dressed as Fancy Nancy and her mama, Michelle with Jayden.

Jesiah the monkey.  This was also his first Halloween.
He has been home almost a year. 

Riley put his costume together.  His shirt looked like it had rounds of bullets on it. 

All of the kids checking out their candy. 

Sleep Over with Jaxon

On October 27th, Jaxon came to our house to spend the night with Seth.  They ate Chinese food for lunch and pizza for dinner.  Seth may say he does not like pizza, but I think he is learning to like it because he at three pieces.  After dinner all of the boys decided to have a pillow/wrestling match so I grabbed the camera.  This went on for at least an hour.

Jayden decided it was safer on Antha's lap as he calls her. 

Seth and Jaxon would plan in Chinese and of course dad didn't understand what they were saying.  It was a great evening and we loved spending time with Jaxon.  He is an awesome kid.

Three Amigos Picnic

On October 20th all three families went to Warrensburg, Missouri for a picnic.  We were very blessed with amazing weather, food and fellowship.  

Riley and Maylin blowing bubbles. 

You will notice several photos of the boys with their soda
something they seem to really LOVE!

Jayden had a great time on the playground.  He played for hours.

Jaxon's sister, Jayden, Zane's sister and Maylin

One of the many faces of Jaxon


Jaxon's sisters Jazmin and Judi

Seth and Jaxon playing Uno with Jaxon's mom and dad

Jayden was wiped out after a day of playing hard :)

Seth does not like to have his picture taken.