Adopting a child won't change the world, but for that child their world will change.

Saturday, January 19, 2013 we go again!

Where to begin...first off, I have come to realization that every person has their calling or gifts from God. I have recently decided my calling is to be a mom.  Sometimes I feel like it is not the most glamorous job, but I would not change it for anything.  I come from a fairly large family and I remember being young and thinking, I am only going to have two boy and one girl.  God obviously had a different plan.  After we had Riley, we thought our lives were complete.  Then we adopted Maylin and again thought our family was complete.  God then placed it upon our hearts to adopt again so we started the process for a second time to adopt Jayden and low and behold God also planned for us to adopt Seth at the same time.  Again, we thought we were done, but God has placed that desire in our hearts once again.  There is no way we can express how blessed we are to have added these children to our family.  When I talk about it, I get emotional because God has entrusted us with three wonderful kids in addition to the four children we already had.  So here is the story...

I have a list of blogs that I follow and check a few times a week.  Back at the end of October, the same blog that I found Seth on, Sharing Life and Love, posted this picture of this beautiful little boy.  

That was the beginning of falling in love with this little guy and then there was a video.  He reminded us a little bit of Jayden.

I have seen many, many pictures of children looking for families over the last several months and this little guy is the only one that I had been so drawn to.  It was the same with other two boys.  So, I showed Richard.  He didn't really have much to say, so I prayed about it and inquired about his file. His file stated he had an unrepaired heart defect...that was a bit frightening to us as we have no experience with this.  Here is where the testimonies start.  I faxed his file to the cardiology department and the cardiopulmonary surgery department at Children's Mercy Hospital.  The next day, I followed up with a phone call and spoke with the receptionist who did not remember seeing his file.  About an hour later, the Head of Cardiopulmonary Surgery Department called me.  I was impressed by that!  He stated to me that he had seen this defect many, many times and done the repairs, but it would require TWO open heart surgeries.  He said the kids bounce back very quickly and he was just very reassuring.  He also said without the two surgeries, this little guy might not live past the age of 12, but if he had the needed repairs he should live a full life.  The doctor ended the conversation by saying if we had anymore questions to call or email him and he gave me his personal email address.   

We continued to pray about it and discuss it as a family for at least another week.  In the meantime, a friend of mine knew of a family that was at the same orphanage our little guy was at picking up their child.  She asked if we would like for her to contact this mom and see if she could get some pictures for us.  This mom agreed and sent us about six pictures.  Here are three of the photos.  He is so smilely :)  

He shares the same birthday as my niece 08-08-08.

So while we were looking at the photos, in one of them and only one, we noticed the top of what looked like an open heart surgery scar.  Let me remind you that all of his paperwork says unrepaired.  We contacted the adoption agency who contacted the orphanage.  He had his first open heart surgery shortly after his file was put together back in 2011.  The orphanage stated that he is doing great and is a very active, smart little boy.  

I immediately emailed the surgeon with all of the new information and he called me this time within half an hour.  What a blessing this doctor has been.  He spent about 40 minutes on the phone explaining the final surgery that he will need and answering all of our questions.  After talking to him, I felt such a peace about it all.  Richard and I discussed it some more and he said to me all kids no matter if they are healthy or not deserve a family.  So, I contacted the adoption agency about our next step.  Then she sent the fee schedule and the doubt set in.  How were we going to do this?  It was Christmas time therefore not the time of year we have extra money sitting around.  I contacted the agency and they agreed to hold off on their fees until tax time, but they did need $600 to send with paperwork to China to get preapproval for our family to adopt "di-di" (little brother in Chinese) as Jayden is already calling him. We submitted the paperwork and on December 3, 2012, China said we could pursue adopting "di-di" (we have not chosen a name yet).  

I would ask for prayers, lots of prayers.  We have a deadline of April 11, 2013,  to meet.  If we do not make, it everything will go on hold while we redo some of paperwork which means more money and we are trying save every penny.  Please pray that God will provide what is needed as well as wonderful testimonies along the way.  He did with the last three and it so reassuring to know God has been there every step of the way.