Adopting a child won't change the world, but for that child their world will change.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oklahoma Basketball Tournament

We knew that Seth played basketball for his school in China, but we have since found out they did not did not practice.  Academics was much more important so they just played the game.  He practiced with his team four days a week and improved so much.  One of the coaches who used to play in college even wants to work with him over the summer because he saw something in him.  Of course if you ask him, he says he is not good because he misses sometimes.  He thinks he needs to be perfect in everything he does and there is no room for mistakes.  If he does not get a perfect score on his school work, he says he failed.  It is going to take some time to adjust his thinking.  

The following photos are from the Oklahoma tournament we went to this past weekend.  He hung out with his friends on the team and ate lots of different food that he was not used to.  He even went swimming which he has not been willing to do.  He did real good until the last day.  (We were there for three days.)  I think he missed home.  During one the last girls games, he came over and sat with us and just kind of leaned into me.  He may be several inches taller than me, but he is still a 14-year-old boy.     

Snow Day For All!!

We had our second big snowstorm in less than week yesterday.  The first one, we were in Oklahoma at Seth's basketball tournament so we missed the bad roads and being stuck at home.  

This time we were all home, but only stranded for a short time as Richard quickly got our drive plowed.  

Richard took the first several photos and I took the rest.

We can't keep the bird feeders full.  

The tracks in the distance is where our driveway should be.

This was Jayden and Seth's first time playing in the snow.  Jayden was very excited about going out.  Seth not so much.  I told him I would take his computer for the afternoon if he didn't go out for five minutes.  45 minutes later he came in cold, but happy.

Riley on the ground and Sam and Jayden throwing snow at him.

Maylin coming out without a coat which was quickly remedied.

Our front yard.  Even though I do not care for the snow
because it is so cold, it is beautiful to look at.

Riley and Seth throwing snowballs.

Dad getting in the snowball fight.

Maylin and Samantha built a very small snowman.

Jayden LOVED the snow!

Win a Kindle Fire HD or iPod Touch!!!

We are hosting a giveaway of a Kindle Fire HD or an iPod touch (worth $199), YOUR CHOICE, in order to help raise the funds needed to get our paperwork to China for Bao Fuyu.  (We still have not chosen a name.)  We are within 4-5 weeks of it being sent.  We are just waiting on Department of Homeland Security Approval. 

Here's how it will work:

We will be drawing the winner on March 23rd, at noon, CST!

1 chance=$5 donation

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