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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gotcha Day July 1, 2013

I have been having trouble formulating my thoughts so I can write them due to lack of sleep and this awful feeling I get every time we travel internationally.  I have troubles with dizziness and just feeling not quite myself so I apologize for being so far behind.
Gotcha day is the day that all adoptive parents anticipate, just like the birth of a baby.  I have not slept good in probably ten days because of the excitement/anxiousness.  I seem to sleep for about 4-5 hours and that is it.  I have usually spent that time in prayer or at least thinking about Mason and the adjustments that we are all going to go through and his health.  Sunday night/Monday morning was no different.  Awake at 2:30 a.m. so Monday was a long day.  We ate breakfast with Brooke and her son Evan.  Brooke is an adoption advocate.  When we were looking for information on Seth before we adopted him, she was responsible for getting us his file.  She is adopting Mason's best friend Bao Shao Hao or Reid as they have named him.  We were very excited to be sharing our gotcha day's together.  We have really enjoyed visiting with her. 
Our guide Elvin, who has been wonderful, told us to be in the hotel lobby ready to go by 2:00 to go to the civil affairs office to get Mason.  We decided to be early and went down at 1:45, but Elvin did not show up until 2:00 exactly.  There were two other Bay Area Adoption Service families.  They were getting little girls under the age of two. 
Waiting in the lobby to go to the Civil Affairs office.

Jayden made two friends Evan who is Brooke's son and Levi
who was adopted from Korea 2.5 years ago.

Still waiting.

There were many, many families receiving their children.  Most of them were girls under the age of two.  Mason was the second oldest at almost five years old.  They had all of the kids in a room and would bring them out one or two at a time.  It is very difficult to know your child is in the next room and you can not have them yet.  I did catch a glimpse of him drinking a juice box with his friend and on two separate occasions he escaped and came running out to throw something in the trash and use the bathroom, but again we could not have him yet.  Finally our turn came and they brought him to us.  They told him we were his mama and papa and they gave us this bag full of school projects that he had done.  He very excitedly started showing us all of his work and a yellow watch that the orphanage gave him.  
Escaping to the bathroom.
Being taken back into the room.

Our turn to meet Mason!


Showing us his school notebook.

We were given an opportunity to ask questions of the orphanage staff member that came with Mason and he gave us his medicine that he takes for his heart...two aspirin a day. 

These are the families that adopted children from Bao'an orphanage.

Mason and his best buddy Reid.

Seth and Mason have hit it off quite well.  It helps that they speak the same language.

There is that winning smile.  Behind that smile is a lot of orneriness.

Playing Temple Run together.

More paperwork!


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