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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last day in China July 9, 2013

Our last full day in China started with breakfast in our hotel.  We thought it was going to be the last one as we were leaving the next morning at 6:00 a.m., but we decided to have the driver pick us up at 6:30 a.m. so we could get a good breakfast before the long trip.  

Seth trying to get away from the camera.

The following were taken in the garden at our hotel.  The kids loved feeding the fish.

After breakfast and our last trip to feed the fish, we met our guide and the rest of the families to go to the Pearl Market.  The boys were not impressed, but many of the mamas sure were ;)

Our guide Elvin who said because he was short and there were so many people
 he needed a flag so we would not lose him.

Elvin took many opportunities to speak with Seth.
Elvin told us later that we had a great boy with a good heart.

Seth trying to nonchalantly hide from the camera.

Snack anyone?  There is squid there somewhere.  

The market where the pearl store was located.  Most of the stores were jewelry.

Stringing pearls for a necklace.

The very smart store employees gave all of the kids snacks so they
 would be patient while their mamas shopped more.

Riley liked this car :)

After the pearl market some of the families chose to be dropped off at Shamian Island to do more shopping. We had already been there twice and it was really, really hot and humid.  Probably one of the worst days since we had been in China so we chose to go back to the hotel to start packing and eat some lunch.

We also met our guide Elvin in the lobby of the hotel at 3:30 to get the long awaited U.S. visa so we could bring Mason home with us.  One of the families we had spent our entire time with left for Hong Kong shortly after that.  The other family and us had decided to stay one more night and leave early in the morning.  We made one last trip to the Trust Mart to get a few snacks and a few more packages of Seth's beloved chicken feet.  

We then met Brooke and Mason's best buddy Bao Sha Hao for our last dinner at Subway. It was a bit difficult to watch them hug each other for the last time...a least for a while.  They have been like brothers for a long time, but they live in Wisconsin and we are in Missouri and we have already talked about getting the boys together hopefully some time next year.

The night time view from our hotel room.

We were ready to come home, but it was bittersweet. We now have three kids from China and one from Taiwan.  We obviously love the Asian culture, but we missed our family back home.  

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