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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

One week home

We have been home almost a week.  The first morning Mason was very subdued and was taking everything in.  He snuggled with papa for a while and was not interested in eating.  He really had not eaten much since we left China so I was starting to get a little concerned, but he sure has made up for that.  He is eating all of the time.  The first day we found out he is TERRIFIED of the cats and the dog.  We have three inside cats and one dog that is inside at night and outside during the day.  The first couple of days we were constantly juggling the animals because every time he would one he would literally shriek, run behind the nearest person and continue screaming.   We are now to the point where he takes a very wide berth around the cats and he makes sure I lock them in the basement at night time before bed.  The first couple of nights one of the cats wandered in the boys room when we first laid them down and he was hysterical and had to sleep in our room.  Last night he finally slept most of the night only waking up once.  Jayden and Mason's room has two twin beds and a toddler bed that Jayden used when he first came home last year.  We thought we would give Mason a choice of which bed he wanted and he chose the toddler bed because it was most like what he had in China.  Because there is an extra bed in their room, Sami or I have taken turns sleeping in there.   Mason has told Seth in Chinese that he is scared so by doing this he has felt more secure and is transitioning from China time to U.S. time very quickly.  Jayden struggled for a much longer time even though he had the toddler bed in our room for several months.  

In China Mason told Seth he did not like sisters, but as you can see he is loving Samantha and he and Maylin love to color together so sisters must not be too bad.  

This was the look he had on his face most of the time, but
when asked if he wanted to get out he would say "NO".

Mason, Jayden and my niece Katelynn all eating noodles for lunch.

Mason is playing well with all of his siblings, sleeping well and eating well.  He is starting to let us cuddle him more and is starting to return kisses and a few I love you's.  Jayden had lived with a foster family so he knew about the mechanics of a family.  Mason lived in the orphanage.  Most of the time we were in China, he would go to Seth because he could talk to him.  Mason learned very quickly that mom and dad could not speak Chinese so it was much easier to get what he wanted from big brother.  Mason still loves to talk Seth's ear off, but now he will go to mama when he wants something.  He uses a lot of sign language type communication and he is picking up many words already.  I attribute most of it to his wonderful English teachers at the Sunshine Academy where he went to school.  He can count to 20 in English and imagine our surprise when he started singing the clean up song while picking up toys.  He is a very bright little boy and once we get this surgery behind us nothing can stop him.  We have been so very blessed :)

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