Adopting a child won't change the world, but for that child their world will change.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Seth's Visitor

Tuesday evening after we had finalized Mason's adoption Seth had a visitor.  A long awaited visitor for all of us.  Our first night in Chengdu with Seth over a year ago, he received a phone call at the hotel.  He laughed and smiled and talked...alot to the person on the phone.  When he got off the phone we asked who it was and he said his brother.  That statement created many questions for us.  Over the last 16 months we have learned alot about Seth's brother.  This brother is not much younger than Richard and I, but he has been Seth's mentor for several years.  He bought him his guitar and even his laptop.  We thought all of this was very odd, but Seth explained that his brother was also an orphan who aged out.  He has went on to go to school and has an amazing job doing something with oil where he makes very good money.  He also had some kind of a heart condition.  He has never married and Seth has kind of been his family.  He flew into Guangzhou to spend about 36 hours with us and Seth.  He brought Richard and I each a very nice gift which Seth told us was very expensive.  He speaks no English, but we were able to communicate a little bit.  We enjoyed meeting him and Seth loved seeing him.  On Wednesday while we took Mason to his medical appointment and to the police station to get his passport, Seth's brother took him all over Guangzhou to find the items he was searching for...books.  Our son is such a nerd and I told him so with a big smile on my face.  Seth got chemistry, physics and math books.  18 books in total as well as a tablet similar to a Kindle.  Seth had been saving all of his birthday and Christmas money so he could by books.  

Seth's brother then took us to a very authentic Chinese restaurant near our hotel.  No English anywhere...just pictures and Chinese.  Thank goodness Seth was able to help us find something to order.  It was very good food and we ate way too much.  One of the items on the menu was a picture of a complete turtle on the plate.  Not too sure about that!  We then headed back to the hotel and it was about 7:00 p.m.  I told Seth if he wanted to go hang out with his brother some more he could because he was leaving early the next morning.  The two of them disappeared for three more hours!  Seth came back about 10:00 and I was all but asleep when he came in a crawled on the bed with us with another gift from his brother for me.  It was this little crystal dish thing.  Seth said it was very expensive.  People who know me know I am always looking for the bargain or the sale.  I have nothing that cost alot of money.  We were very thankful to have the opportunity to meet Seth's brother and put a face to the person who calls every month.  

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