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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wednesday, Medical exam and passports

Wednesday was a very busy day with Mason's medical exam in the morning and then a trip to the police station in the afternoon to apply for his passport.  Seth was with his brother so Riley had to come with us.  He was not too impressed with all the sitting and waiting.  Mason sailed through the exam very quickly as we were the only adoptive family there.  The other families all had kids two under two years old so they were not going until Saturday.  Mason had to have blood drawn for a TB test.  That is a requirement for children two and over.  He went to four different stations...height and weight, TB test, ears, nose and throat and physical exam.  After reading his medical report the doctor examined him and said everything looked good and make sure we follow-up with his doctor when we get back to the U.S. for his heart.  I kind of laughed a bit inside because we already know he has to have open heart surgery when he gets home.  We already have an appointment with his doctor on the July 31st.  

Mason LOVES stickers.

Height and weight.

Physical exam doctor who was very nice.

Not so smiley Riley ;)

Our guide Elvin who has been so wonderful.

Ear, nose and throat doctor.  We were there for less than a minute.

We thought this was a funny vending machine to have
outside the medical office.

In the afternoon we went to the police station to apply for Mason's passport.  We waited for a very long time with at least 15-20 other adoptive families.  It was actually a little emotional to see all of the children with their families.  We were not allowed to take our camera into the police station.  

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