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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another month gone by

August has been a crazy month.  We started out with an ultrasound appointment for our grandbaby who is going to be a healthy boy.  It is so hard to believe we are going to be grandparents in a few months.

We then celebrated Mason's 5th birthday.  He kept denying it was his birthday, but when we started singing happy birthday, he joined in.

A big thank you to Sami for making the yummy cake.  

Jayden showing off :)

We also went to Chinese church in Warrensburg and then celebrated Jaxon's (NingNing) 15th birthday with his family and friends at the park.  
Seth, Jaxon and Zane.  

Riley celebrating his win!

Samantha was annoyed cause her daddy had taken
about 20 pictures in a row of her.

Oh how we love these boys!

We then had six doctor appointments and three dental appointments as well as Mason's heart catheterization scheduled for August 15th.  When I took him for his presurgery physical two days before his procedure, they asked if he had seen the dentist yet which he had not.  That was scheduled for September.  I was then told he had to see the dentist and be cavity-free before they would perform his catheterization.  So we scheduled an emergency visit for the next day and got the wonderful news that...Mason has a mouth FULL of  cavities which will cost $2200 to fix.  The heart catheterization was cancelled and I was then informed that he has to be cavity-free for six weeks before they will schedule it again. So for now the catheterization is on hold.  Maylin and Jayden had already started school on the 15th and since Richard already had the day off we took Mason to the zoo without any of the other kids.  I think he enjoyed being the only one for a while although he missed Jayden.

We also had volleyball tryouts for Samantha who made varsity, YAY!  Then we had preseason VB and soccer tournaments.  We tried our best to get to as many games as we could, but it was impossible to see them all as some of the games were scheduled at the same time.  Seth's team did not do so well, but they have a very young team.  Eight of the players are in middle school.  Seth has shown alot of improvement and had several shots on the goal.  Sam's team did better getting first place in the Silver bracket and she played good as well even with shin splints.  

Jayden has started kindergarten, Maylin sixth grade and Mason preschool all at Fort Osage.  Seth and Samantha are both in tenth grade and Riley is in seventh grade all at CPRS, a Christian private school.  Mason is picking up English so fast and is already spelling his name as well as writing it.  Here he was matching up the letters with pictures.  His teacher said he is doing incredibly well.  We are so blessed. 

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