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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sanders happenings

Wow, where has the time gone.  I guess with six kids still at home I knew our lives would be a bit crazy, but it has already been four months since we met Mason for the first time and over eighteen months since we met Jayden and Seth.  Where to begin...all of the kids are doing very well in school.  I have had three parent teacher conferences this week for Maylin, Jayden and Mason who are all going to public school.  We got lots of positive reports from all of their teachers.  This is Seth's first year of all day private school and because the boy studies so much, he is getting straight A's without a tutor.  Seth has just finished soccer and started basketball practices.    
His last game was very cold and rainy.

Sami also finished up volleyball and although she misses it, is glad to have her afternoons back.  Both the soccer and volleyball teams finished first in their conference.  

Our daughter Destiny is due to have a baby boy towards the end of December, but has had many complications including one hospitalization and two additional times where she was monitored for preterm labor for many hours.  She has been seeing her OB doctor every week for the last month and a perinatologist as well with an ultrasound at every appointment.  The perinatologist found a heart abnormality so that meant appointments at Children's Mercy Hospital with Fetal Services.  Praise God that so far the baby's heart issue seems to be very minor and should not cause him any problems after he is born.  Destiny has been put on bed rest and medication to control her contractions.  She has six and a half more weeks to go and is already bored so she has been crocheting all kinds of fun things for herself, baby Layne and her sisters.  Because of the bed rest and an episode of almost passing out, she is staying with me during the day which is wonderful to have this extra time with her.  

The fourth week of October was a very difficult one.  Destiny was in the hospital for preterm labor on the 22nd and I stayed with her.  After she was released we came home and I received a phone call that boy that went to school with our kids and was on Richard's junior high basketball team last year had tragically passed away.  The boys had just had their first practice the night before.  We also received word within a few hours of this first devastating news that the daughter of a friend of mine was no longer remission...again.  She has been fighting cancer off and on for so long.  These two families have been in our daily prayers and will continue to be.  

On Friday, October 25th Mason went to Children's Mercy to have his dental surgery done.  Due to his heart condition, we decided this was the best place to have this procedure performed.  His anesthesiologist was from the cardiology department and was able to give Mason a special gas that is just for heart patients.  He has to be cavity-free in order to have his heart fixed due to the bacteria that are in cavities. Mason had two teeth pulled, three crowns placed and cavities filled on the remaining teeth.  When he woke up, he was mad at me.  He would not sit on my lap or even talk to me.  He was curious about his IV though.  On December 10th Mason will be having heart catheterization and after that we will schedule his open heart surgery.   

Mason three hours after surgery with big sister Sami and Jayden.

On Saturday we had trunk or treat at our church which the kids loved.  

Maylin, Jayden and Mason


Samantha handed our candy as well as decorated our van.

Maylin getting her face painted.
Mason after he got his face painted.
Jayden chose to have a frog painted on his face.
He did not want to move his lips.

Sunday, the 27th the kids carved their pumpkins.  Samantha carved the faces for Maylin, Jayden and Mason.  We thought Riley and Seth could handle carving their own...

Riley's hand slipped on the knife and he cut his finger down to the bone.  We took him to the emergency room and this mom who has seen many, many surgeries performed on animals over the seven years I worked at the veterinary hospital almost passed out when the doctor started injecting the lidocaine.
Riley with six stitches.
After we got home Riley said he was going to throw his pumpkin away, but the next day decided to finish carving it with a different knife and clean hands. 


Seth, Sami, Riley, Maylin, Jayden and Mason's pumpkins.

Lastly I will share a few other cute pictures.  I will try to do a better job updating the blog, but this entry has taken four days to complete.

Mason's art project from preschool.

Painting dinosaurs.
Friday night campout.

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